A few ideas,To move the country forwards “One” Health & NHS


As well as the Brexit negotiations, there are many many more that need to be thought about.

Health, Public Transport, Defense, Being just a few

This is the “Biggie”  do we keep putting £Billions more in, Or do we get organised,,,,,

Organised sounds better to me,

Ten year plan, We train all of our own doctors, And medical staff, EVERY SINGLE ONE.

How you may ask,,, We we look at the Countries that all ready have a good training regime, and copy theirs, ie Cuba, Or Philippines, Or the  American International Medical University In Saint Lucia

Next we Scrap a few of the “Stupid” Pop up Colleges, and turn them into Pure medical training facilities.

Within 10 years we will be fully able to supply our own staff

Within 2 years all “Agency” Jobs to go, No more outsourcing, As this has created a jobs market, that does not make sense on any level, Whilst costing far too much.

All Hospital TRUSTS, to go, Everything to come back to a single business. As theres far too much waste.

All PFI Contracts to be re negotiated, To end in 1 Year, and re financed at 1%

All Hip, knee Joint replacements, to be carried out , Like in a Factory, at 3 hospitals ( perhaps) or even 2. This way we can get the price right down, even use Robots, And make them 100% successful .

Likewise Eye ops,,Cataracts  Similar thing

All Hospitals to have a GP Clinic   £10 / £20 charge For Adults.

No free Holiday Jabs,

All remedial work on Plastic surgery etc, At patients expense, or on their insurance

All Drugs, And Supplies to be negotiated, At National level, By the Meanest, tightest person in the world, With a note that any over charging is illegal, If found cheaper elsewhere the difference to be repaid.

All staff to be re assessed every 2 years, And moved up the pay scale, only if they have improved

All car crash patients, Bills to their insurance Company, to be reimbursed

 This is just for starters, The extra funds, Are for “Real” Improvements, Not just wages