Theresa’s slide downhill


From the start Theresa May, Was just the person every Tory wanted, And she could do no wrong.

Except she did, Again and again, and again, and again,,You get it

First, She backed the Doomed HS2,, A train for the Contractors, and their Share holders, Then ultimately, The RICH Travelers,

Not Joe Bloggs

Then A controversial design contract for the £55bn High Speed 2 rail project has been abandoned by the US engineer which won the work following cronyism allegations.

In February American engineering consultancy CH2M Hill was awarded the £170m Phase 2B deal to design parts of the high speed line running from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds.

WHAT THE HECK, America has some of the WORST Rolling stock, in the World, And have NO EXPERIENCE, of High speed trains !!

Then  Theresa May delays Hinkley nuclear decision amid concerns over Chinese involvement

But still allows it to go ahead, Despite knowing that the French version is well behind schedule !

Then calling the snap election,,,,,Possibly a good idea,,,,,,If you have some good ideas, But as we now know, There were no good ideas at all.

We the Voters were expecting some reassurance about how the dealings with Brussels might go,,,,,,But not a Dicky Bird

We got instead Scare stories, About Old people losing their house to pay for care,,,,,,,STUPID WOMAN  ,,,, We already take properties off old people to pay care costs,,,,,So why commit suicide by doing this ?

By Contrast Jeremy Corbins campaign was genius,, Get the Students on your side, And 100% of them voted labour,,Genius