Corbyn was right,,,,On some things, Trains being 100% Correct


Love him or hate him, He has aged well, And has many ideas that are “Solid” ┬áBringing our train services back, Is Obvious, Trains in every Country in the world, Are run for the “PEOPLE” of that Country.

So why on earth are we lining the pockets of other companies, For no good reason ???????

Theresa May did not help her cause, or position on this issue

When Southern Rail, were disrupting the lives of tens of thousands of customers every single day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Where was she ?????? Like a MOUSE. She could have done herself a Massive amount of good, by threatening Southern Rail, Publicly at the time,,But nothing.

All we need is a top person from one of the best rail Companies, Be it Japan, China, india etc, To come in and head up, a new BRITISH RAIL

Then scrap HS2, And build Double Decker trains on all busy routes