The Crooked ways your cheap parcel service works


Did you know, Owner Drivers, Are being Ripped off, Ruined, And defrauded, By the likes of Parcel Force, Yodel Hermes, XDP etc

After the City Link Failure in 2015, When Hundreds of Owner drivers went bust, Following winding up the loss making Company.

We have a terrible situation, where it is a race to the bottom on prices, So these well known public Companies, Are now setting up eager, and willing (Novice) Owner Drivers, Giving them just enough rope to hang themselves.

Theres several different ways it is done. One , Make out the route ( Tour) is a lot faster than it actually is, Now FACT Parcel Force have two totally different types of delivery schedule.

For their own employees, they just do one post code Plus maximum of 8 hours shift, with a mere 60 drops ( Parcel deliveries ) With a “Legal” Time for each delivery

For the Private Couriers, They are expected to deliver up to 129 parcels per day, often covering 3 Post Codes, And at a Much faster time, ie less allotted time per delivery, Meaning breaking the law of the road for most of the day, Then on top iof this if a customer is out, They have to visit the local post office, and leave the parcel there,,,,Then back to customers house and leave a note,,, But often the Post office is too buisy to take the parcel !!! Disaster for the schedule.  This often results in a 16 hour day, Which after a few days the driver is worn out, and does not want to continue.

So it gets WORSE STILL. Now they are incurring time penalties, wiping out the days profit, While attempting to keep up with impossible time slots, Plus if they say i cant do it anymore, Parcel Force gets other drivers in to cover,,,, This ALWAYS TAKES TWO, to cover ONE private Courier, Plus that Private Courier gets a massive bill for this, Wiping out all of his earnings.

Now surely if Parcel Forces own UNION DRIVERS, Work to a recognised LEGAL Routine, Then so should ALL of the Private drivers aswell.