Brexit negotiations, Car / Van imports


One worrying thing about the EU, is the Total dominance of the German car industry, They have gained an unfair advantage, Now that their real currency, the Deutschmark Has gone, If they still had it, German cars would be at least 10% more expensive.

This has a negative effect on all other manufacturers in the EU.

So should we help level the playing field, in our negotiations? As Brussels is doing nothing.

Perhaps putting a ££bn type Limit on the amount of cars imported,  So we take the 2nd highest importing Country,,,France, Then tell Germany, You can only import the same in Value ?? or 5% more ??   Or perhaps within 5% of what we export to them, By value ?

After all Europe is supposed to be a fair trading continent.

Vans, And Commercial Vehicles,  All coming from outside the EU, Including Turkey (FORD) Who ripped off the UK Tax payer for £ Millions, To be levied 20% Duty.

This will teach Ford who are being very Dirty, Importing non EU vehicles, and taking market share from genuine EU companies, Like Fiat, Iveco, Renault, Vauxhall Opel, Mercedes Benz Citroen, & Peugeot  , It is not fair.  Again Brussels where are you ?